1 annual checkup for 99% prevention

1 annual checkup for 99% prevention

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer for us.

1 in 22

Urban Indian women will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime


Rate of Breast Cancer amongst cancer-afflicted Indian women


of cases that occur between 25-50 years of age


Women diagnosed after it is too late for medical intervention

1 out of 2

Fatalities among Indian woman detected with advanced Breast Cancer

Breasy™ is the most powerful self-care ritual developed to give us the ultimate control over our health and our future.

Breasy™ gives women easy access to world’s most advanced preventive Breast Cancer technology that detects Breast Cancer up to two years before it can even develop. This increases our chances of eradicating it from our lives by 99%, a never-before recovery rate for a disease that affects 1 in 22 women.

Breasy™ is the most powerful self-care ritual developed to give us the ultimate control over our health and our future.

The power of early detection

The biggest contributing factor in India’s alarming rise in Breast Cancer is late detection. Experts agree that early detection not just catches cancer at a treatable stage, it can even stop lumps from becoming cancerous, effectively keeping us cancer-free 99% of the time.

Early detection allows us to catch any lump before it gets in contact with the lymph node and turns into cancer. A lump caught in the later stages starts to hold the surrounding tissues hostage and turns malignant. The sooner a lump is removed, the better our chances of avoiding cancer.

1 Easy Scan to be worry-free for a year.

“I recommend 3D mammograms for all women. They pick up more cancers because they are not obscured by dense breast tissue. That is true for all women, of all ages and all levels of breast density.”

-Cynthia A Litwer, MD, Chief of Breast Imaging, Cedars-Sinai.

What is 3D mammography?

3D mammography is a safe, low-dose X-ray of your breast that moves over the breast and takes close to 200-300 images, producing the most comprehensive image of the breast tissue.

How much time does it take?

The scan takes anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes

How to prepare for your 3D mammogram?

  • Schedule your mammogram ideally a week after your period as tenderness in your breast may cause discomfort during the procedure.
  • Don’t wear any perfume, deodorant, powder or lotion on or around your breasts and arms as it may show up on the scan.
  • Wear a two-piece clothing so you can change in and out of the gown easily.
  • Try not to wear any jewellery to the appointment as you will be asked to take it off.
  • Inform your doctor or technician in case you:
    - Are lactating or pregnant
    - Have had surgeries to or around your breasts
    - Have a family history of breast cancer
    - Have a personal history of hormone therapy
    - Have breast implants
    - Have had prior mammograms. Please bring them with you.
  • Let the centre know if you have any physical disabilities which would make lifting arms, sitting up or holding your breath difficult for you.

Your typical scan journey

scan journey shape


Breasy™ is a safe space with female technicians.


We will take down your basic medical history.


You change into a gown or cape from waist up in the changing room.


At the 3D mammography machine, the technician will adjust the platform as per your breast position.


While you stand at the machine, a clear plate will tightly compress your breast.


The X-ray will move in an arc over your breast.


11 images will be taken in 7 seconds.


We repeat this for the other breast.


The images are then sent to the computer to create 3D images.


The final images are sent to Radiologists to interpret the results.

Getting your diagnosis

You will receive the test results within a day if there is no adverse diagnosis. However, you will be recalled for further tests if a lump is detected. In case the results are inconclusive, further procedures will follow to get a clearer picture.

Powered by AI

Breast Cancer clocks in the highest number of patients amongst Indian women. But the most essential part of its testing, breast positioning can result in false positive or negative cases.

Powered by AI

Inaccurate breast positioning can:

women scribble illustration

Give an inaccurate image, affecting patient outcomes.

books illustration

Cause technical failures.

wallet illustration

Can result in additional, costlier testing.

The best diagnostic-quality images are now possible with BreasyCheck™ – our AI-enabled 3D mammography

The best diagnostic-quality images are now possible with BreasyCheck™ – our AI-enabled 3D mammography

BreasyCheck™  is our AI-enabled 3D mammogram that gives you the assurance of an accurate outcome. It performs its analysis of breast position and compression, and automatically adjusts and improves image quality to help give the Radiologist the best image of your breasts.

Accurate 3D mammograms are directly linked with early detection and treatment, ultimately saving lives.

Our aim is to help women keep their breast tissue healthy and help radiologists to spot anomalies faster and more accurately.

Empowering Radiologists
  • Sharp Analysis

    Accurately interpreting the mammograms comprehensively to spot even the tiniest dot of anomaly.

  • Time Management

    Reducing the burden on radiologists so that they can spend more time taking care of patients and concentrate on making critical decisions.

  • Training Aid

    Helps in identifying gaps in the training of technicians for better breast positioning and improved outcomes.

Empowering Radiologists

A radiologist’s role is very important as they are the first line of defence that we have against Breast Cancer. Accurate and early diagnosis affects patient outcomes for a 99% chance of being cancer-free.

BreasyCheck™ is AI-enabled mammography that revolutionises breast cancer prevention by working hand in hand with Radiologists.

how it works breasy

Imaging that is future-focused

Our precise scans often help radiologists identify nodules up to two years before they become cancerous, enabling not just current cancer diagnosis but future outcomes.

Created for accuracy

Designed for diligence, our technology stacks between 200 to 300 images to create a precise view of the breast tissue.

Reduction in workload

AI-based mammography systems can reduce workload by 70%* . We do the monotonous tasks in less time by bridging the gap between complex data and the number of radiologists.

Improved diagnostic process

AI algorithms simplify data interpretation, taking complex data and analysing it efficiently for quick action.

Enabling more diagnosis

We help Radiologists use more time for diagnosis than data interpretation. This means more patients now have access to their expertise for possible life-saving outcomes.

Reduction in call-back rates

Accurate and fast diagnosis has resulted in a drop of 20-30% patient callback rates

Breasy™ Expert Panel

We have created a leading panel of the best radiologists, gynaecologists and oncologists to pioneer 3D mammography in India.

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breasy Radiologists
breasy Radiologists
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