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Breasy™ is on the verge of creating something extraordinary and disruptive that will eventually have a seminal impact on the early detection and ameliorate survival rates of Breast Cancer patients. With improved healthcare outcomes due to early detection, our AI-driven technology will support and assist Radiologists make informed decisions, reduce misdiagnosis significantly and prevent recalls of patients.

clinical trial breasy image
clinical trial breasy image

Our technology is supported and endorsed by scientists, AI researchers, Product Heads and Developers from some of the most renowned universities and technology institutions world over. By garnering a pool of such thought leaders, we are bringing together a fantastic combination of human and artificial intelligence that will be empowered by real-time data and analytics from some of the most sophisticated tools available on the planet.

clinical trial breasy image

Breasy™ is mobilizing a preventive Breast Cancer movement to become the largest data aggregator of breast scans. By making the technology Affordable - Accessible - Available for women across different demographics and alter the landscape of Breast Cancer in India and the world.

clinical trial breasy image

Are you excited at the prospect of creating history?

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Why should you sign up for a Clinical Trial?

By signing up, you will help generations of women get better diagnosis. By tracking your annual data our tech will learn and improve how it can view and diagnose breast tissue better.

Is this data private?

This data will not be available on public domain. Your medical data regarding your breast diagnostic will be used and shared with medical professionals.

Are there any side effects?

Our trials require you to take an annual breast health check-up, known as BreasyCheck™. This requires you to undergo a low-dose x-ray that takes images of your internal breast tissue. The radiation dose is considered low and does not have long-term effect. To know more, please write to

If you’re interested in partnering with us to bring the Breasy™ difference for your patients, please let us know.

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